Equipment Rentals Explained

What is rental finance?

Rental Finance is a solution for your business that enables you to rent all your technology equipment – instead of buying your laptops, computers, servers, etc… … It is hardware finance where you decide whether or not to own the assets at end of term.

Businesses, especially in these uncertain times, need to be nimble. You may wish to reserve your working capital or existing lines of credit. You may need to use the latest technology to maintain your competitive edge. And you most certainly want to tailor expenses to fit your company’s unique needs.

You can enhance your balance sheet and income statement with a better return on net assets, as well as enjoy flexible and predictable finance terms of between 24 and 60 months. You will also reduce your debt exposure and enjoy tax advantages, using off balance sheet financing to increase your business profits.

What do I need to apply for rental finance?

You will need to have a registered company that has been trading for at least two years. We would also require supporting documents such as audited financials, bank statements etc……

What can I finance?

  • Computer equipment.

  • Telecommunication products.

  • Office automation.

  • Security surveillance.

  • Medical equipment.

  • Construction equipment.

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